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Have a little stalk, I don't mind. You'll find some films, some fashion, and a bit of art and design sprinkled all over this place (and maybe even a little bit of fairy dust!)...  Anywho, hope you like it! Have a fun time kids, make good choices, don't hop onto motorcycles with strange men etc etc 


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The 'A Love Affair with Coffee' is a joke... but not really... but really. This blog is more a love affair with fashion, film, art and design, as well as my narcissistic tendencies to talk about myself and the things that interest me (and hopefully you too!) 


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You know I love a good blog post or video but I also like to capture the smaller, fleeting, run-away-crazy-haired #relatable #cute #aesthetic moments of life that can only be showcased through my main man, Instagram - @urbanarcade