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If your to-do list is clearly stating 'find book, buy book, read book, love book, read book again', i will gladly give you a hint, hint, nudge, nudge in the right direction towards the Melbourne Art Book Fair.

The Melbourne Art Book Fair is a celebration encompassing a broad approach to publishing, including contemporary art, design and architecture. Throughout the Melbourne Art Book Fair weekend, talks and workshops will provide insights into various aspects of book publishing including design, photography and writing.

I talked to some really cool book makers, suppliers, and lovers who told me all these amazing stories about their life with books. One of my favorite stories was the husband wife duo from Perimeter Books. One of their books they where supplying was all about this woman's boyfriends and their scent. Instead of pictures, the book contained extracts of the men's B.O! It was disgusting but super cool at the same time.

I highly recommend you go visit The Melbourne Art Book Fair from the 2-3 of May and delve deep in the pages of the crazy-ness of it all.  You can find more details about the event here.

Once again, thank you NGV! You guys are the