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Exquisite Threads


Do you love fashion? YES! Do you love friends? OF COURSE ! Do you love holidays? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do you love embroidery? YE... what? Laugh all you want but from what I can tell from the questions above, you would have loved the NGV's Teen Holiday Program 'Exquisite Threads with Thread Den'. Cold rainy days where spent listening to David Bowie whilst talking to friends and occasionally accidentally stabbing yourself with the sewing needle.

On day one we made vintage purses and, apart from sewing my latch-that-opens-my-purse-thingo crooked, (hey, it adds some character) I was really happy with how it turned out.

Day two was Embroidery 101 where we embroidered some designs given to us by the fabulous people over at the NGV and taught the tricks of the embroidery trade by the ladies from Thread Den.

And last but not least, day three. It was great fun, especially getting to know the other kids. We made vintage Peter Pan collars and embroidered anything and everything onto them. I chose a moth after being inspired by one of the exhibits in the Exquisite Threads exhibition.

So, if I haven't won you over with my babbiling about how much fun it was then let me win you over with some pictures from the three days.

(all photos are taken by the talented Garry Sommerfeld and Olga Bennett © National Gallery of Victoria.)

Thanks Honey and Stella for coming along, and thank you to the amazing ladies over at Thread Den. You guys helped me a whole lot by threading the needle... numerous times...

Finishing this blogpost off whilst listening to Tina Turner's Nutbush City Limits (a new record I scored for $2, yes, TWO DOLLARS!) after spending the day driving back from Adelaide.

Enjoy the rest of them glorious holidays.