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Artist Colony // Marta- Almost Iris


Intro- Artist Colony A lot of people consider art as something that we don't need to have to achieve in life. But that's not true. The Arts are really important and without them, the world would just be dull and boring. I have wanted to do an artsy series for a while now, but had no idea what to do. Then, one night, BAM! the idea came to me. "Artist Colony" is a series where I interview different kinds of creatives. These people who have proven that algebra isn't all you need in life... (thank gawd!) So without further ado, meet Marta, aka 'Almost Iris'. I came across Marta via her instagram and was really intrigued by her illustrations. I loved the simplicity of them and how she puts humor into each of her prints. I really wanted to get to know this "Almost Iris" so I sent her some questions just so we could all get to know this new, talented illustrator. She kindly sent me some prints in return. I defiantly recommend you purchase some from her shop because they are so darn good!

What's your daily routine? My day usually starts off with breakfast and day daydreaming in the garden. I usually don’t start making in the studio until the late afternoon. At the moment I’m also studying a BA in Visual Arts. I absorb myself so much into my studies that during the trimester I go into lockdown mode with creating. Somewhere during my day I will fit in a walk to stop my mind from thinking.

What is your ultimate playlist? I’m known for obsessing solely over one album at a time. Even after I have had enough I find myself going back to an album just to relive the memories of my complete obsession. At the moment I’ve gone back to The Black Keys album Brothers.

What is your favourite thing about your job? I get to create with my hands. It’s really rewarding. And the worst? The administration side of things.

Describe your illustrations in three words. How can I?

Who and what inspires you the most? As much as I try and live in the present moment the future of the unknown inspires me incredibly. With the constant flow of artists on social media I try to step back from it all and visit galleries. I was in complete awe of Kirra Jamison’s last solo exhibition Drink, Salt, Moon.

What did you want to be when you where a kid? I was always that quiet kid sitting in the arts and craft corner. During high school I took every art based class possible. Secretly I always wanted to be an artist but self-doubt took over and I didn’t chase my dream till last year.

What is your favourite thing to draw? Girls.

Favourite item in your wardrobe is... A few years ago I invested in a gorgeous pair of leather boots. They have walked every winter with me since.

Thank you Marta for being the first artist apart of "Artist Colony"! Your prints are incredible and very inspiring. I hope you guys enjoyed the first Artist Colony, Camille