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Cath is Great // NGV


During the good ol' holidays my friends Minnie, Violet and I popped over to the NGV to check out the the Masterpieces from the Hermitage exhibition. It was so cool to learn that Cath the Great had a pretty extensive art collection and loved educating people about the exquisite works.

Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great showcases one of the world’s greatest art collections. Featuring works by artists including Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez and Van Dyck, the exhibition offers a dazzling array of works including the finest group of Dutch and Flemish art to come to Australia.

This exclusive Melbourne exhibition will also highlight the innovation and vision of Catherine the Great, whose inexhaustible passion for education, the arts and culture heralded a period of enlightenment in the region. The extraordinary works sourced and commissioned by Catherine during her thirty-four year reign, created the foundations for the Hermitage today – considered to be one of the world’s greatest treasure houses of art and decorative arts.

The exhibition will offer audiences an immersive experience, recreating the rich atmosphere of the Hermitage to showcase these exquisite works. - NGV

Definitely recommend having a little squizz at this!

Also while we are on the topic of fun times at the NGV, make sure you check out the Friday Nights. There will be live music, food, art (shall I go on?) It's going to be a complete blast and would love to see you there! We are going on the 30th and I am so pumped! Whoo! Yeah! Book your tickets now!

(all photos taken by the talented Olga Benett)

Annnddd that's a wrap.

Hope to see you at the Friday Nights and hear about your experience at Catherine the Great exhibition (cause it's pretty great).