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Artist Colony // Anais Baker



And welcome to yet another Artist Colony post! Today I'm featuring the immensely talented photographer, Anais.

I came across Anais after noticing that she had taken photos for some of my favorite bloggers blogs. I checked out her instagram, it's ace, and her tumblr is just, ahhhhh. Anais's photos are eye catching and breath taking-ly beautiful. I really wanted to get her and her photography up and into Artist Colony, so I can share it with you guys. Are you glad? I bet you're glad.

Here's what Anais had to say.

-When did you first start taking photos? Why?

I have always been really into art. From a young age I have always been into drawing and painting. For most of my life, being creative has been my main interest and talent. When it comes to taking photos, I'm always looking for a new artistic outlet so this idea to start taking photos really just branched from that. My uncle is also a photographer so that really inspired me to get in to it. Back when I was 13, I was his assistant at a wedding and he gave me a Canon 20D to use on the day. He ended up being impressed with my photos and used quite a few in the wedding album. Seeing my photos in the album was so exciting for me; knowing that an image I captured would be something this couple would look back on in 50 years was crazy. Around 2 years ago I got my hands on a DSLR and I've continued to take photos since.

-Who inspires you?

The first photographer to inspire me would have to be Annie Leibovitz. She's incredible. Her photos are so great. Another would have to be Merri Cyr. She took photos for one of my favourite singers Jeff Buckley back in the early 90's. They're mostly candid and on film and they're really beautiful. Andy Warhol's polaroids are great too. Nowadays I'm really inspired by young Australian bloggers/photographers like Gabi Mulder from

and Claudia Smith from


-What do you like taking photos of the most?

People. I love portraits. I love taking closeup photos of faces and expressions, I always think they are really beautiful.

-Do you take your camera everywhere?

It depends. There are periods of time where I will become really obsessed and take photos of everything and then other times where I don't take photos for a few months. It also depends on whether I will have the opportunity to take photos of anything or anyone.

-What would you like to do/be after school?

I would really like to go to university and study media. I'm really hoping I can incorporate art, photography or design in to my career somehow. As a career, I would love to be the creative director for a brand, magazine or company.

-What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Hmm, in regards to photography it's probably practice makes perfect! It's so cliché but practice and patience are definitely important. When I first decided to create a photography blog my photos were really average... but over time they definitely improved and I'm glad I kept practising in order to develop my skills.

-Do you edit your photos? If so, what do you use?

Yes I do! I use VSCO film on Adobe Lightroom. I used to use the VSCO Cam app when I first started out (and I occasionally still do) but I thought I should probably get something a bit more professional! VSCO film is basically a collection of film style presets that you can sync up with your Photoshop or Lightroom. They're all very genuine looking, I love using them. I try to tone them down as much as possible to keep my photos looking as natural as I can.

-Do you ever get artist block? (or photographers block)

Yes, sometimes! As I said before, there are periods of time where I don't take photos at all. When it comes to taking photos for a blogger though I never really run out of ideas. When I am with a model and in a good location, it's easy to bounce off each other and the surroundings in order to come up with some unique images.

-5 facts about you? 

1. I am terrible at sport!

2. I am half French.

3. I am really in to music and have a large CD, cassette and vinyl collection.

4. I only ever write with a fountain pen and I spend way too much money on stationary.

5. I am a really bad procrastinator and leave everything until the last minute.

-Describe your personal style.

My style is pretty minimalist. I am wearing a lot of basics, stripes, knits.

-Describe your workspace.

Well as a photographer, when I'm working I'm obviously going out and taking photos. Some of my favourite locations include the forest near my house and industrial areas or alleyways in Melbourne. My workspace at home in generally me in bed on my laptop editing!

Thank you Anais! You are completely brilliant!

That's all for another Artist Colony,

till' text time,