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Pretty in Pink


Hey, hey, hey!

So yesterday, (Sunday), my mum and I were invited to go to a talk at the NGV. The talk was by an architect by the name of Mathew from John Wardle Architects. He had designed the 'Pink Plastic Pavilion' in the NGV's backyard. It's pretty snazzy. And big. And pink. Really pink...

The talk was really interesting and definitely got me thinking about a career in architecture and design. I still don't really know what I want to be but, hey, I'm only 14.

Anyhooooo, after the talk, mum and I went over to The Royal Botanic Gardens and sat under yet another pavilion, being used as a super cool cafe. We listened to some great tunes, took photos, and kept on walking.


We then ended up at MarkIT which had been placed in a car-park under Fed Square. That was pretty cool and just walking around was


And then after all that we treated ourselves to some de-licious gozleme. yummmm.

OH!!! And I forgot to mention that the new 'Gallery' Mag by the NGV has an article in it, 'Young at Art', which talks about all the great stuff the NGV has for teens. I was lucky enough to answer a few questions, so I would love it if you could check that out!

Sorry about the blast of photos and the rambling on, and on and on, but I hope you found it interesting. Go have a wander around the NGV and lounge under all their pinkness. I mean, c'mon, it's a pink plastic pavilion. You don't want to miss that.

I'm finishing this whilst packing for school camp tomorrow (can i get a what! what! for ace multi-tasking skills?) It's going to be funnnnnn.

Right-io, seeya later,