Well, I don't usually do this kind of post but I thought "hey! why not??".

I've got a lot of blabbering to blab and cool picks to show you, taken off everyones best friend, the 'interweb'.

So I guess let's start with Christmas. I. Love. Christmas. The family, the food, and hey, the presents are pretty neat too. We went across to Adelaide this year which was great! (apart from the 8 hour car trip)...                             and then came back to Melbs.

Really all I've been doing is lounging around, shopping, checking out other blog sites (wix was not working for me so I'm back here!), eating, easy-bike-rides-which-i-call-my-excersise-even-though-i've-only-gone-on-about-two... day dreaming, actual dreaming, sleeping, photo taking, nail painting, drawing, reading, writing, trying to sing, singing anyway and heaps, heaps more.

My family and I are going up to Sydney in a few days which will be so fun!!!! I've never been to Sydney, and, if you remember my Q&A I mentioned that I really wanted to go there and now we are going. Yeahya! I thought I would make some kind of vlog thing to show y'all what we get up to (and so I can moan to you all on the 12 hour car trip.) ugh. But it is worth it.

Anyhoo, that's about it. (I bet as soon as I press post I'll remember something really fun or important that happened *thinks real hard*) What have you been up to??

I'll leave you with some pictures that I like looking at and just wanted to share with all of you.




These are the coolest stools ever!


Prue from Wildwood, illustrated by Carson Ellis and written by Collin Meloy, is on my list of dream characters to play.


This dress, ahhhh.


If you liked these,  you can check out more on my Pinterest.

Seeya, again,


Oh yeah! I was about to post this (i told you I would remember last minute), but I remembered that I have got my hair cut into a bob. It ain't new news but I thought some of you aren't following me on Instagram and I haven't posted any bobby pics here. Yip. Well, there you go. BUT if you do want to see what I get up to in more detail you can follow me on Instagram @urbanarcade (hehe that sneaky self promotion)

Okay, Okay, this is the final seeya,


Pfft and I just discovered (thank you iPhone) it's the eve of new years eve. Well done Camille, well done. But what a crazy, amazing, different and incredible year it has been!! Whoo! Can't wait for what next year holds xx