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It's back! NGV Teen Art Party



The NGV Teen Art Party is back for a second year, filled to the brim with art, music and cool, creative people like yourself! You even get exclusive access to the Andy Warhol // Ai Weiwei exhibition. (You can check out how much fun I had at the AW//AW here)

The Art Party (an under 18s event, you must be able to show your valid Student ID card) will be hosted on the 7th of April, 5:30pm - 9;30pm. Book your tickets here!

And now, ladies and gents, I'll tell you little about what will be happening on the night.

Geezy (pron. jee-zee) aka Gee has been providing that flava for ya ear around Melbourne. He'll be DJ'ing the party and plans to set the tone with a fun and free ranging soundtrack that provides a point of difference from mainstream radio. He will be working alongside artist Esther Olsson who will be producing new works to coincide with the underage party and complement the Andy Warhol // Ai Wei Wei exhibition currently showing at the NGV.


Esther Olsson is one of my favourite artists. She's good at art and I would be more then happy to steal her whole entire wardrobe. Check out her instagram, website and her on The Design Files!!


Ella Thompson will be singing with her killer vocals. Ahh she is so good! I would happily steal her wardrobe, as well.  Here is her song 'Arcade'. (Arcade -- Urban Arcade... Is it some sort of sign?? I doubt it. We do have the same haircut, though)


And to top it all up, with a big juicy cherry on top, we have Left Leg Studios preforming!


It's going to be one heck of an awesome night! I hope to see you there, chat, make cool art and dance all night long (well, until 9:30)

Camille xo