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A fashion post?! WHAT?! I thought you where still hibernating in your cosy, yet super stylish cave. Guess not...

Ah well. I realised you guys actually do like fashion posts after having quite a few people asking when I would be doing another one. The answer, my online stalker friends, is about now-ish.

This fashion post is pretty casual (it is literally what I wear to school.) I wore it today and I think people like this top from Free By Cotton On more then they like me. (Ha! I kid. They so don't... Guys??) But this top is seriously cool. The sequins are reversible, so if I'm feeling gold, I go gold. If I'm feeling white, I go white. And if I can't make up my mind I can go half-half, so every one is happy.                                                                                                    I bought these shorts yesterday from Country Road along with another pair. The other pair is a little more tailored with stripes running down them. I'll probably do another post with them on in the future. I've been looking for shorts like these for ever and finally found them. Ahh the relief that I won't get hot in summer!!! Oh, sorry. What was that? Oh we've already had summer... Yikes.

You can dress both of these items up or down. The shorts with a nice shirt and the tee with high waisted jeans. Both paired nicely with Hobes (one day I will own a pair).

I guess I'll stop blabbing and just let you scroll through some pictures. Cool? Faaabulous.

OH! And photo cred to Sylvie.


Camille wears // Tee Shirt - Country Road // Shorts - Free By Cotton On // Necklace - Unknown //