New York, I Love You.

Grab yourself a giant pretzel, wander through Central Park, and pretend you're the dog from 'Up' whenever you spot a sQUiRrEL!!...

There is something about New York that I love. I think it just reminds me of a bigger Melbourne. We are here, visiting NYC over the long weekend and I'm really tempted to just stay here. It just has something that Chicago definitely does not have (sorry Chicago... but please step up your game..) and I am going to miss it.  BUT, I will be back because I think I have just discovered my new favourite city in the world. 

These photos where taken in Central Park (and a few at the Flat Iron Building) by my extremely talented lil' sister, Sylvie. We have taken SO many photos and I'm really excited to share them with you. I have a new series as well, which might be a new favourite of mine.