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Street Style // NYC 01

New York is filled with some really cool people with their own individual Street Style. I'm excited about this post because it is a little different from what I usually do but I think it's pretty interesting.

It was really daunting walking up to people and asking for their picture. Some would just smile awkwardly and be like "oh.. um yeah I guess..", but others would start talking and have a conversation which I thought was pretty rad. 

I saw these girls (below and above) when I was sitting outside of a cafe in Brooklyn. They were looking for directions, I think, which gave me time to 'casually' get up and ask them for a few pictures. They where so, so friendly and I found out (I kind of already guessed, but I played it cool) that the two girls on the right where Australian!! (The girl on the left was English).  We all chatted for a little bit and then I took some slightly blurry photos. 

This (couple I think??) where the first two people I asked for a photo. We where in Central Park when I saw them just skating along to the seat right next to me. It was a sign.. fate that they had chosen the park bench right in front of where I was standing, and better still... they where both rocking double denim. I went up to them and awkwardly blurted out "caN i hAVe your PhOTo?", to which they kind of just looked at each other and then to me and back at each other. I realised that it was probably not the best way to ask for a photo so I introduced myself and started over. 

These other photos where all taken either hiding behind a pole or a quick snap whilst walking.       I felt like a NYC spy/stalker.. I was totally in my element. 

Well that's the end to the first post of my Street Style series! Hoped you liked it. Also, if you have anything you would love to see on this blog, like types of posts or videos, I would love to hear your suggestions! I'm thinking about making some videos where I'm talking to the camera but I'm not sure on what yet, so let me know what you would like to see! 

See you next Sunday, maybe??