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christmas wishlist 2016

Ahhhh, Christmas. It's fast approaching and I am very excited for it. This will be our first Christmas in Chicago and I'm hoping for a white one. But that's not the only thing I'm wishing for.. (wow what a great entry way for what I'm actually talking about, good job Camille, pat on the back.) 

Yes, as you have probably already guessed, this post is my christmas wishlist. The things I'm loving all displayed on a collage that took me a couple of hours to make because photoshop is really confusing...

Hopefully you find this somewhat interesting and maybe even find something you like too. I mean, presents are what christmas is all about, right? (i'm kidding. chill) 



+  Calvin Klein - one                                                                                                                              

+  J. Crew Mockneck jumper (sweater to all the americans out there)                                                      

+  Women in This Town - Giuseppe Santamaria

+  Le Sac en Papier

+  How to be a Parisian, Wherever you are  

+  Zara - Striped long sleeve top                                                                                                          

+  Potplantspotplantspotplantspotplants..... my room really needs it....                                                  

+  Zara - Velvet Band Hat