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Artist Colony // Chessie - Freshly Pickked

Do I even need to introduce this girl??? With 17.6k on Instagram I don't think I need to. But, if you have been living under a rock or in the corner of you wardrobe after a game of hide n' seek for the past couple of years, meet Chessie. She's that blogger girl that your friends have been telling you about. Yeah, now you're with me. How cool is she!! Her style is just ahhhhhhhh and her blog and insta are so aesthetically pleasing. Oh, and did I mention she is only in year 12? Yeah. Chessie is doing some pretty great things, so I thought I'd ask her a few questions....

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your blog.  My name is Chessie and I am the name behind my fashion and lifestyle blog/instagram, Freshly Pickked. I've been blogging/instagramming for 3 years and it's been the most amazing journey! I mostly blog about fashion, and occasionally do a lifestyle post or DIY. 

What do you want to be and do in the future?  I'd love to be a blogger but I'd also love to work in the design and photography world, possibly in magazine layouts and styling! I'm not too sure though yet. 

What are you hoping to do after you finish school?  I'm most likely going to have a gap year, work, ride my horses, and possibly travel also! and then Uni but I don't know what course or Uni yet!!

Who are your inspirations? How have they helped you? In terms of blogging inspirations, my favourite is most definitely Isabella from Views of Now, amongst others of course. Her style is just so funky and different and I love it! She has helped motivate me to keep posting quality content and to continue to push my styles and outfits beyond the basics!

Why is your Instagram and blog so successful? Are your followers an important part of that? Honestly, I think it's posting regularly - but not too regularly as you don't want to fill or clutter everyone's feeds - and posting quality content ! For me, these are the key factors in having a successful blog, you don't want to not post enough and you also don't want to post blurry or rushed images. However it is much easier said then done!!

Favourite outfit at the moment?  Black high waisted jeans, grey and white stripe long sleeved skivvy tucked in, white denim cropped jacket, statement brown belt and knee high brown boots with my tortoise shell specs !


Top five tips for bloggers and instagrammers? As stated before, post regularly and post good quality content, try and stick to some sort of theme but to me, there needs to be a bit of variety to pull and draw your followers in, shoot in bulk - aka, take four blog posts or 5-10 different Instagram photos at the one time, that way you can stagger them out during school and you're most likely to create better content if you spend a good hour or two doing this rather then scattered 5 minuters! And lastly, have fun with it and be YOU. No one likes copy cats and you need to find your own style and show to stand out in such a huge industry. 


If you could go back in time and tell the younger Chessie something, what would it be?  I don't like regretting things or wishing things had have been different. Everything happens for a reason and we just need to focus on living in the moment. However if I was to say something I'd say get off that phone, get out of your bedroom and go and spend time with your family because time is just so short. 

Fashion or Design? Oh my god you've got me here. Like I'm so stuck. I love both of them I don't think I can choose.

What music are you listening to at the moment? I have quite an alternative taste, but all of my all time faves are in my twentysixteen playlist on my Spotify, plus when I'm doing my folio I listen to my folio time playlist! I literally could not go a day without listening to music. 


What made you decide on the name Freshly Pickked?  My mum actually suggested it! I asked her what I should call my blog and she said "what about freshly picked" because, at the time, she was cutting up strawberries and the punnet said they were freshly picked !! 

Favourite post on your blog?  Either 'Little Black Dress' or 'Textures'. 


What is the best thing that has happened to you because of blogging? Probably the biggest and most exciting thing is being the Teen Party Ambassador for the National Gallery of Victoria. Such an honour to be chosen and it was such an amazing experience working with them on multiple occasions !

There is a zombie apocalypse and you can only take one thing from your room… What is it? Probably my glasses so I can see the zombies and where they are coming from ! Haha. 

Thank you Chessie for being so cool. Literally geeking out right now that I have an Artist Colony on you... 

Chessie's blog and instagram are very inspirational and so so beautiful. Check out her instagram here and blog here

See you all next time,