'This Is Chicago' Teaser Trailer

The past couple of weeks have been pretty surreal. I was starting to feel like an elastic band that was being stretched way to far (and possibly broken after missing our flight from LA to Chicago and having to wait all day in an airport...) BUT we are here now and so far, I'm liken' it.                  I'm making a new documentary series entitled "This Is Chicago", where I'll take you to the different neighbourhoods of Chicago to show you where to do all the things you enjoy doing! (let me know what you like doing so you can enjoy it) 

This is the teaser trailer, accompanied with some photos in case it gets lonely before the rest of the series is created. 


p.s you've probably seen some of these photos on my instagram, but if you haven't that means you aren't following me, so you should probably get onto that... you'll find me hiding in the username of urbanarcade . Thank you very much. xx