Move over Santa... the ultimate christmas gift list

Move over Santa because Camille's in town sporting my favourite gifts aesthetically presented for your viewing pleasure. Damn I want everything, and damn I know I'm not getting anything but a girl can only dream. I will admit the gifts are on the very expensive side due to me mainly shopping with my eyes and not my sense...

If you follow me on instagram then you would be aware that my family and I are moving back to Melbourne!! I'm so bloody excited to get back and be surrounded again by such an inspiring city. I've got a lot of exciting ideas and plans for both my blog and youtube for the next month and new year so stay tuned! 

summer in the city.jpg

one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven

Get Lost.jpg

one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and are in love with these items as much as I am.

Seeya soon,