the checked pant

Ahh the checked pant. Iconic when worn correctly, catastrophic when paired with office attire and a bad attitude. I had seen a multitude of cool insta gals and guys strutting around London, Paris and NYC in their checked pants and completely rocking them, so when I found them in the thrift store for FOUR DOLLARS I was a veryyyy happy kid. 

I went over to film my pal Lucie last week for her Made in Chicago (coming soon to my yt channel!!) and we coincidentally were wearing the same outfit, so I obviously forced her to take pictures of me so my ego can grow even bigger... yayyyyy.... I also took some pics of her cause she looked freaking fabulous and we were on top of a roof. If you live in Chicago then you should come see Lucie's art show! It's happening on the 30th at Eataly from 6pm-9. You'll see some of her art in the film, so keep those eyes peeled. 

Hope you are having a fabulous day wherever you are