Street Style // NYC 05

Let's all just take a moment to appreciate the woman's outfit above because she looks so freaking cool. Yellow Kurt Cobain sunnies, vintage camera on her shoulder, and a pink ribbon tied around her neck which I can only imagine was either a last minute touch, or a very thought out accessory which one could only argue makes the entire outfit. And please don't ignore the side flicks in her hair. So. Bloody. Cool. 

I'm on summer 'vacation' as the American's say and it's beginning to feel very long. I'm about to do my last week of this French Camp thing where I look after six year olds whilst speaking French, and that's been fun but obviously challenging. On another note, I'm really wanting to use my YouTube channel for more 'vlog'-esque type videos (as well as my usual doco type vids). What do you think?  I think I'll be able to make them pretty cool and interesting. I've also got tons of video ideas up my sleeve, I just need to make them first... if you have any videos you would like me to make, please let me know! I'd love to hear some other ideas.

As always, hope you enjoy this Street Style!

Camille x

These three were having what seemed to be a hilarious conversation on the roof of the Whitney Museum.