Street Style // NYC 06

Here's a brand new NYC Street Style coming to you from LA. My family and I are just about to head to the airport to catch a plane back to Melbourne, so I thought I'd whip up a new post. I am going to be living in Melbourne for 10 days with my Aunt and Uncle before going to Adelaide for Christmas, and then returning to Melbs again permanently for the start of school (year 11 *gulp*). I am actually quite excited for the next two years because I am taking brilliant classes ( English year 12, English Literature, French, Media, Theatre Studies and Visual Communication & Design). I am also really looking forward to just being back in Melbourne, seeing all my friends and family and hopefully achieving a few goals that I have set for myself this year.  

I am in the midst of editing a blog from my last couple days of Chicago, LA and soon to be the return back to Melbourne so head over to my youtube channel and subscribe, as well as clicking the bell button so you don't miss out once it has been posted!  

Hope you enjoy this post as always,