a guide to new york

(created by a very inexperienced New York explorer...) 

BUT does the experience matter? ...possibly?... nah, I think we're good.  

What I'm trying to say is that I have only visited NY two times, but in those times I've gone to some pretty cool places that I think you would enjoy, which is why I'm dishing up and out the secrets of the streets. 

First up, what are you gonna do without some fuel in your stomaches?? 


I love to eat at places that serve food that is just as good as its instagramable interior. Yeah, yeah, what a '21st century kid' thing to say. But what's even more important is the vibe. There needs to be a funky vibe there or you may as well be sitting in your school principles office eating a handful of stale jellybeans. This little list below showcases some of my favourite places to satisfy your hunger. Some are on the pricey side if you are paying for an entire family, but could be 'reasonable' (clenching my teeth as I type this) if you where paying for just yourself. 

the egg shop :

The Egg Shop, as you could probably guess by the name, specialises in all things egg related. You want it runny, they'll give you runny. You want it scrambled, they'll scramble the hell out of it. You want it raw, they'll probably decline due to health and safety standards. 

Not only is the food good, but the aesthetics are beautiful. Minty green with a hint of "thanks, it was my great aunts".


jack's wife freda :

I. Love. Jack's. Wife. Freda. The food is amazing and it is just so so cool inside. You can eat breakfast at dinner and lunch for a late night snack for all they care because their menu is open at all hours. I've had brunch there the first time we visited and it was deeeeelicious. Our last visit we stopped for lunch and I ordered the fried eggplant baguette with fries (i'm still struggling with the fries/chips language barrier) as well as a mint lemonade, and then we all shared a flowerless chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and a caramel smear thing. Oh. My. God. It was possibly the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted in my life. You would hope so too because it was voted one of the best chocolate cakes in New York. 

go-grill :

We had lunch here randomly after being tourists and visiting the statue of liberty (wouldn't recommend the boat tours; very tedious, windy and you don't even get that close to the statue). I'm not 100% sure on the address of this food truck (who even knows if it will be there next time) but if you go visit the Charging Bull and Fearless girl, the truck is on the opposite side of the park. We sat in the park and ate some delicious Mediterranean dishes for only $30 (mind you, we got three big sandwiches, a salad, falafels and chips). It was real good. 

uncle boons :

Very, very pricey and the dishes are a little on the small side BUT SUCH GOOD THAI HOLY COW! It was super fresh and really flavourful. It's also in the same area as the egg shop, which is my favourite area in NY because of the shops and the people. (forgot to take any pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face...)



I absolutely despise doing touristy things but if it is your first time in NYC I would recommend seeing the sights. The places I'm about to recommend to you are more where you will see locals instead of the very lost German archaeologists getting a selfie in front of some flashy lights. 

galleries :

~ The Whitney Museum : Very small, but some extremely cool contemporary pieces. Go to the roof! The view looks over the Meatpacking District, which is a whole lot of industrial houses. 

~ MoMA : MoMA was my favourite because it had some incredible artists on show. It also had this really cool photography exhibition where it talked about all the photographers that have taken pictures of 'the supernatural'. 

~ The Met : Or Metropolitan Museum of Art if you want to get all fancy. This place was huge and would take you days to see everything. Some really incredible pieces there, too. We had a picnic in Central Park for lunch just next to the Met.


neighbourhoods : 

(in no particular order) 

Greenwich Village (This is where The Whitney Museum is, as well as the Highline), Nolita, SoHo, Bowery, Little China Town


I've saved the best for last. My favourite past time is vintage/thrift shopping (as you are all very much aware of) so here are some of the best places I visited whilst there.


~ AuH20 : Super cool, super small vintage clothing shop. Their prices are decent, too. I picked up these leather loafer-sandalesque shoes for $20, which is on the pricey side but I think worth it. 

~ 7th and 9th street : So many fabulous shops on these streets that I just love. The streets are beautiful and I just love walking through them. I took the majority of my Street Style pictures there as well. 

~ Opening Ceremony : Can't afford anything here but Alexa Chung mentioned it in a video so I had to go, duh. It was super cool and I felt very much like a professional fashion blogger walking in and pretending to be interested in a $350 t-shirt. 

~ Clare V : This store had 'Camille' written all over it. It mainly sells bags but the t-shirts are what really grabbed me. Again, not the most affordable which is why I didn't walk away with the entire shop. 

Hopefully this post was interesting and might help you if you ever find yourself in NYC. If you live in or have visited New York I would love to here where you go for when I return!

Hope you all had a great easter!