the rainbow skirt X Thieve

I bring to you the sparkliest skirt I have ever laid my eyes upon. I'm feeling the Cassie from Skins vibe and it was only $5 so this skirts defiantly on Santa's good list this year. Paired with a casual tee repping one of my favourite musicians, C.W. Stoneking, as well as black Superga's and a simple watch and earings from Thieve, this outfit can't do you wrong. These photo's where taken by Sylvie and I love love love them!

As I'm typing this it is pouring outside and I'm cuddled up in my favourite jumper, but I need to take the dog for a walk.... I'll do it later... School is almost finished here in America. I'm hoping my first American high school experience will result in an outbreak of "what time is it?? SUMMERR TIMMMMEE!" amidst a stampede of sweaty students throwing their papers everywhere. I'll be having almost 3 months of 'vacation' so let me know if you want to see anything. I'm hoping to make a short film! 

Enjoy the post,

Camille x