Barton and Bones


2017, let's just say, was a hell of a year for everybody. It was difficult, upsetting, discouraging and presented us with multiple opportunities to curl up in a small ball in a tight little corner and cry. But because of all this it made people stand up and speak out about rights and wrongs, which brought groups of people who wanted change in our society together. I think that 2017 was the year of women. We stood together and supported each other this year, beginning with the international women's march all the way to the #metoo campaign, which really opened our eyes and ears towards, and in support of the victims of sexual assault. I really hope that in 2018 we can stop the dwaddle and begin the sprint towards equality for everybody!

On the topic of women, I think I'll make a nice clean segway into what the post is actually about. Today I went the the Ian Potter Centre and the NGV and looked at some insanely cool exhibitions. The first, at the Ian Potter Centre, was Kathryn del Barton's "The Highway is a Disco" and oh my god I was so excited. Del Barton is most probably my favourite artist (or at least in the top 5) so I was really really stoked that I got to see her art in person. Her work showcases the female body and she presents it in a way that makes it feel goddess like. I made a short vid and took a few pics so you can get the jist of the exhibition (and it's free entry so you have no excuse not to go!!). 

The next exhibition was at the NGV for the Triennial. You've most likely seen it all over instagram but it is still completely worth going. A room filled with skulls probably sounds a little Adams family-esque but it is so bloody cool - and contrasted with 18th century artwork is even better!!