The Inspiration Station


Boom bam I'm back baby. It's been a while but I've missed it and I'm very excited to create some cool content for you all. I am really hoping to create some new films, and be able to interview interesting people, as well as creating more interesting fashion posts that don't consist of me finding cracks in the cement ridiculously interesting or the camera hilarious... 

As it has been SIX FLIPPING MONTHS since I've last posted on here (I feel guilty) I thought I'd give you a little run down on what has been happening. I'm also going to steal pictures off pinterest that take meh fancy because I feel like it lays a nice grounding of what I'm liking at the moment. Also it just makes this post look really pweetty. 

I got a job! I am the social media manager for @aqof

My family bought a house!

I'm in year 11 now so am beginning to think what the hell I am going to do with myself after high school... I have dreams of studying film, art/design or fashion journalism in Paris or NYC and being an actor for beautiful films but that means I've got to have the $$$ and I ain't got no $$$$...

I just want to meet cool and interesting people and create amazing thanggsss

I would love to make my own clothing

So there you have it folks - enjoy the pretty pictures and videos and I will see you soon! 

Possibly one of my favourite music videos - the colours, the costumes, the cinematography and the overall message is just so good!


I know this video is from The Feed (grade 5 anyone?!) but 'Miso' is one of my favourite artists and it is pretty cool to see where she gets her inspiration from. (I wold also love to get a tattoo from her one day...) 

*dreams of being as cool as Coco*