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I Want Your Job - Episode One

The FIRST episode of my new series I Want Your Job. I’ve been working on this for a while and am pretty happy with how it all turned out. In this episode I chat to three people working at the National Gallery of Victoria to get an idea of what they do and how they got there. So excited to make the next episode!

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The Purple Rave



NGV's Art Party came back for a second year with double the fun. "The Purple Rave" as Esther Olsson put it, was jam packed with music, art, dancing, bright purple lights, photo booths and super cool people.

My friends and I explored the Andy Warhol // Ai Weiwei exhibition, staying a little too long in the photo booths. We danced until I managed to get some 'hard core' blisters and then danced more because beauty is pain, my friends.  Ella Thomson blew me away with her dreamy vocals, and DJ Geezy was killing it, not to mention all of his vinyl!! I got to speak to Esther Olsson who was insanely cool even though I was a little star struck, (and by 'star struck' I mean I was hit repeatedly over the head by a numerous amount of shooting stars, comets, asteroids and planets, carefully avoiding the black hole of embarrassment ) ahhh.  AND THEN out of the crowd emerged Left Leg Studios performing a fast contemporary dance routine. It was so so so good my gawd.

Here are some pics taken on the night to prove how much fun, purpley goodness there was. Also to make you just a little jealous if you didn't come. There is always next year.


(photos taken by Olga Bennett © National Gallery of Victoria.)


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It's back! NGV Teen Art Party



The NGV Teen Art Party is back for a second year, filled to the brim with art, music and cool, creative people like yourself! You even get exclusive access to the Andy Warhol // Ai Weiwei exhibition. (You can check out how much fun I had at the AW//AW here)

The Art Party (an under 18s event, you must be able to show your valid Student ID card) will be hosted on the 7th of April, 5:30pm - 9;30pm. Book your tickets here!

And now, ladies and gents, I'll tell you little about what will be happening on the night.

Geezy (pron. jee-zee) aka Gee has been providing that flava for ya ear around Melbourne. He'll be DJ'ing the party and plans to set the tone with a fun and free ranging soundtrack that provides a point of difference from mainstream radio. He will be working alongside artist Esther Olsson who will be producing new works to coincide with the underage party and complement the Andy Warhol // Ai Wei Wei exhibition currently showing at the NGV.


Esther Olsson is one of my favourite artists. She's good at art and I would be more then happy to steal her whole entire wardrobe. Check out her instagram, website and her on The Design Files!!


Ella Thompson will be singing with her killer vocals. Ahh she is so good! I would happily steal her wardrobe, as well.  Here is her song 'Arcade'. (Arcade -- Urban Arcade... Is it some sort of sign?? I doubt it. We do have the same haircut, though)


And to top it all up, with a big juicy cherry on top, we have Left Leg Studios preforming!


It's going to be one heck of an awesome night! I hope to see you there, chat, make cool art and dance all night long (well, until 9:30)

Camille xo

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Andy & Ai


IL-O-V-Ethese artists. I've been sitting at the computer screen for a while now, and that's all I can really say. I'm still in awe over how inspiring and thought provoking this exhibition on Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei at the NGV was.


I definitely recommend going if you are the kind of person that a) thinks art is just boring paintings of dull people for dull people (because it ain't), b) is completely un-inspired or c) happens to be a human.

If you tick any of these boxes make sure you head here to book your tickets!

I'm planning a little DIY inspired by this exhibition so that will be up soon-ish.

I'll leave you all with some pictures I took at Andy Warhol & Ai Weiwei.

Thank you NGV for letting me come along!

Au revoir,

Camille xx


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Pretty in Pink


Hey, hey, hey!

So yesterday, (Sunday), my mum and I were invited to go to a talk at the NGV. The talk was by an architect by the name of Mathew from John Wardle Architects. He had designed the 'Pink Plastic Pavilion' in the NGV's backyard. It's pretty snazzy. And big. And pink. Really pink...

The talk was really interesting and definitely got me thinking about a career in architecture and design. I still don't really know what I want to be but, hey, I'm only 14.

Anyhooooo, after the talk, mum and I went over to The Royal Botanic Gardens and sat under yet another pavilion, being used as a super cool cafe. We listened to some great tunes, took photos, and kept on walking.


We then ended up at MarkIT which had been placed in a car-park under Fed Square. That was pretty cool and just walking around was


And then after all that we treated ourselves to some de-licious gozleme. yummmm.

OH!!! And I forgot to mention that the new 'Gallery' Mag by the NGV has an article in it, 'Young at Art', which talks about all the great stuff the NGV has for teens. I was lucky enough to answer a few questions, so I would love it if you could check that out!

Sorry about the blast of photos and the rambling on, and on and on, but I hope you found it interesting. Go have a wander around the NGV and lounge under all their pinkness. I mean, c'mon, it's a pink plastic pavilion. You don't want to miss that.

I'm finishing this whilst packing for school camp tomorrow (can i get a what! what! for ace multi-tasking skills?) It's going to be funnnnnn.

Right-io, seeya later,


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Cath is Great // NGV


During the good ol' holidays my friends Minnie, Violet and I popped over to the NGV to check out the the Masterpieces from the Hermitage exhibition. It was so cool to learn that Cath the Great had a pretty extensive art collection and loved educating people about the exquisite works.

Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great showcases one of the world’s greatest art collections. Featuring works by artists including Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez and Van Dyck, the exhibition offers a dazzling array of works including the finest group of Dutch and Flemish art to come to Australia.

This exclusive Melbourne exhibition will also highlight the innovation and vision of Catherine the Great, whose inexhaustible passion for education, the arts and culture heralded a period of enlightenment in the region. The extraordinary works sourced and commissioned by Catherine during her thirty-four year reign, created the foundations for the Hermitage today – considered to be one of the world’s greatest treasure houses of art and decorative arts.

The exhibition will offer audiences an immersive experience, recreating the rich atmosphere of the Hermitage to showcase these exquisite works. - NGV

Definitely recommend having a little squizz at this!

Also while we are on the topic of fun times at the NGV, make sure you check out the Friday Nights. There will be live music, food, art (shall I go on?) It's going to be a complete blast and would love to see you there! We are going on the 30th and I am so pumped! Whoo! Yeah! Book your tickets now!

(all photos taken by the talented Olga Benett)

Annnddd that's a wrap.

Hope to see you at the Friday Nights and hear about your experience at Catherine the Great exhibition (cause it's pretty great).


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Exquisite Threads


Do you love fashion? YES! Do you love friends? OF COURSE ! Do you love holidays? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do you love embroidery? YE... what? Laugh all you want but from what I can tell from the questions above, you would have loved the NGV's Teen Holiday Program 'Exquisite Threads with Thread Den'. Cold rainy days where spent listening to David Bowie whilst talking to friends and occasionally accidentally stabbing yourself with the sewing needle.

On day one we made vintage purses and, apart from sewing my latch-that-opens-my-purse-thingo crooked, (hey, it adds some character) I was really happy with how it turned out.

Day two was Embroidery 101 where we embroidered some designs given to us by the fabulous people over at the NGV and taught the tricks of the embroidery trade by the ladies from Thread Den.

And last but not least, day three. It was great fun, especially getting to know the other kids. We made vintage Peter Pan collars and embroidered anything and everything onto them. I chose a moth after being inspired by one of the exhibits in the Exquisite Threads exhibition.

So, if I haven't won you over with my babbiling about how much fun it was then let me win you over with some pictures from the three days.

(all photos are taken by the talented Garry Sommerfeld and Olga Bennett © National Gallery of Victoria.)

Thanks Honey and Stella for coming along, and thank you to the amazing ladies over at Thread Den. You guys helped me a whole lot by threading the needle... numerous times...

Finishing this blogpost off whilst listening to Tina Turner's Nutbush City Limits (a new record I scored for $2, yes, TWO DOLLARS!) after spending the day driving back from Adelaide.

Enjoy the rest of them glorious holidays.


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Little China Girl





Camille wears // Top-Thrifted // Duffle Coat-Gift // Jeans-Dejour // Shoes-Wittner // Neclace-Vietnam // Earings-Gift //


Prepare yourselves. Fasten them seat belts because this post is a big'n. Today, my mum and I went into the city because I was given two tickets to the Golden Age of China, Qianlong Emperor exhibition (thank you Brittany!). It was mind-blowing seeing work that had been made thousands of years ago. The Emperors robes where defiantly my favorites because they where so colorful and beautifully made. This exhibition is open until the 21st so HURRY, you will love it!!  After, we walked into the Exqusite Threads Exhibition which I will talk about later. We then hopped onto a tram which took us down to China Town. I can't remember the last time I visited China Town. It reminded me a lot of Vietnam *sob*. The crazed hustle and bustle was fun until we decided to take some photos of my outfit. We where either waiting for groups of people to pass or I was being stared at (excuse my awkward face) but it all turned out well and being that 'clever' person I am I even decided to make a video. Get ready for some hard core Dim Sim eating. [embed][/embed] In other news, the NGV is hosting a Teen Holiday Program. It is based around the Exquisite Threads Exhibition which is on at the moment until the 12th of July. The program runs from the 1-3 of July and I'll be there for all three. I would love to meet you!   I leave you with the flyer for some further details. Bookings are essential so head over here if you are looking for some fun over the holidays.

Hope to see you there,