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Interview with Jen Booth!


Jen Booth is one creative cookie in the design world. Her newest design are the 'mixed doubles bracelets' which POP in colour and are just so darn fun!

I have interviewed Jen to see what makes her tick.

~How old where you when you first had the idea of becoming a designer?

I'm not sure exactly when I decided to be a designer, but I've always been creative. Even when I was in high school I was making jewellery for my friends. My first job was as a makeup artist, which ignited my passion for colour.

~How do you get ideas for your designs?                                                                                                              

Life!                                                                                                                                                                                                     I find inspiration for colour and pattern everywhere. Local markets, nature, food, people!

~Out of all your products, which one is your favourite? Why?

One of my accessory range was inspired by French food. I love using perspex because of their strong colours and the texture. My favourite has to be the pink langoustine. I wanted all the names of the food to be in French. They're some of my favourite words to say with an accent. Funny how you can be inspired by anything around you!

~Who do you look up to/ role model?

So many people! I'm inspired by anyone who has their own business and makes from their heart.   All my friends, they inspire me daily!!!!

~What would you say to budding designers?      

Be true to your aesthetic. I design what I want to wear!

Thank you Jen!!

You can find Jen on her blog, shop, facebook + instagram