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I asked three influencers what drives them to share their lives with complete strangers.

After a brief dinner party conversation with my next door neighbour over a bowl of homemade pasta about what ‘the blogs’ are, she begged the question why would people want to share so much with the world? I knew my answer, but it did leave me wondering why so many people do do it. It is an odd concept, and even weirder to explain… So, this week I decided to interview some pretty cool kidz (added the ‘z’ because that is obviously what cool kids do) about what drives them to share their lives with complete strangers.


1 / I would say that there is a lot of confusion and misconception about what an ‘influencer’ is or whether it’s a proper job. What is it that makes you an influencer, when did you begin and how and why do you do it?


Maggie: To be quite frank, I don’t really like the term influencer – I think it can insinuate that followers are mindless, sheep-like or easily influenced. But I guess Instagram allows people to showcase their life, educate or entertain their followers. That’s how I would I could describe what I do. I began Instagramming four years ago when I was 15. I grew up with Tumblr and Twitter and was always invested in social media sites. I love Instagram because it allows me to showcase my fashion and my photography and connects me to all these amazing people globally. And to be honest? I just love the whole process of picking an outfit, finding a location, shooting and editing photos. I find it therapeutic.

Denilson: I mean I never realised I was an influencer until later. I never knew anything about being an influencer (but I was always into fashion), until I met a friend of mine Tara Chandra. She was one of the biggest influencer when it comes to fashion I mean she was an iconic. I never used to post photos of me, I was always used to takes photos of places, people and nature stuff. It all started when I uploaded a photo of me with an outfit and I realised it starting to get more likes than my previous photos. I did it because I felt like i would be able to get to meet people/hanging out with the same vibe that I was into.

Tara: I think influencers are essentially any people online that have the ability to sway the actions or decisions of viewers of their content – this could be through their purchasing decisions, lifestyle actions, or way someone dresses. I started my social media nearly 5 years ago, but probably didn't start properly doing influencer work till around 1.5-2 years ago. I do social media as a hobby, but influencer work is something I do on the side which helps me create new outfits and be more creative in a business-minded aspect.

2 / Everyone has their own style when it comes to blogging / instagram / youtube etc and some people portray more of their life online then others. Do you ever find it weird sharing where you are, what you’re thinking or even eating to complete strangers? Or are you more self conscious about other things?

Maggie: (This is a great question btw) I totally know that I overshare online but we’ve grown up with social media playing such a heavy part in our lives that it’s almost second nature to me. I’m pretty desensitised to it all and am happy sharing parts of my day with my followers; I think being open and genuine is really needed in an industry that typically showcases one’s ‘highlight reel.’ As with anything, balance is key. There are things I don’t share either. In terms of safety, I don’t usually post in my Stories where I am at the given moment, rather I’ll post it later when I’m not there… justtttt in case.

Denilson: I personally think it is weird but at the same time I feel like that’s just how it is now a days - everybody has their own perspective.

Tara: I think it has become normalised to me - whether this is a good or bad thing, I'm not sure. I share what I want to share and I don't share what I want to keep personal or private. Social media will never capture the full picture of someone's life - so no, I don't get self conscious about what I post, because I consciously posted it there for it to be seen. I like sharing these aspects of my life because it can see another country that someone may not ever visit. Using social media as an outlet for my thoughts creates discussion - and sharing food is a way of inspiration for other students making food or places to eat 😊

3 / Has instagram become more comparison and copy rather than compliment?

Maggie: Yes and no. Some days I reckon majority of influencers look exactly the same and are shooting the exact same content… But honestly,  I think it can be a really positive and uplifting environment where people do genuinely compliment and boost others.

Denilson: Yes, unless you’re a celebrity then it’s a complement if that makes sense.

Tara: That's a really interesting way of putting it. I think there is a large part of Instagram that is focused on comparison and copy – but for the most part there are a lot of people on there who are doing their own thing and what they want to be doing. However, nowadays - everything is a copy.

4 / Do you ever feel as if you need to watch what you say or how you portray yourself online?

Maggie: Yes, for sure! There are times where I stop myself from posting because something’s quite personal or confronting or I’m worried about how others will view me too. I’ve gotten better about not caring over the years, in high school it was way more difficult.

Denilson: I always do because it represents myself offline, and also because I’m bad with captions.

Tara: Yes, mainly for the sake of the wrong eyes seeing things. But for the most part, I'm not that scandy so I don't have to do this too much.

tara 2.jpg

5 / Would you say the way you present yourself online accurately represents who you are offline?

Maggie: Above all, I always try to accurately portray myself as real as possible. In person and online, I would say that I’m a very happy-go-lucky gal. I try to spread that positivity through my account. That being said, everyone has their shit days – and I’ve had my fair share. Without ranting and raving to my followers, I’ll sometimes share the lower moments too. It’s important that people know that life isn’t as perfect as it appears in these little squares.

Denilson: No, I’m totally opposite when it comes to represents myself on online. I’m more myself when I’m offline than being on online

Tara: Yes I definitely do think my 'online self' represents my 'offline self' to an extent. I am definitely more outspoken and confident online because it's a space I have curated for myself to fit in. In real life, you're constantly placed in situations you can't control which is where I think my reactions and ability to respond to situations are different.

6 / Lastly, what has been the best thing that has come out of social media for you?

Maggie: Oh, so many! The friends I’ve made, the opportunities it’s given me. Without a doubt, it’s helped me to the position I’m in today. Getting into my course, getting internships and jobs… I definitely owe some of the credit to social media.

Denilson: Meeting the coolest people around the world with the same mindset. Getting the opportunity to collab with my favourite brands such converse / all star - it was one the biggest and coolest brands to represent, and a few independent brands from around Australia.

Tara: The opportunities and people. I would never have imagined working with the brands I have, or making best friends for life through social media.

Find Maggie here, Denilson here, and Tara here.


Street Style // NYC 07

Because it is currently New York Fashion Week I thought it would be appropriate to post a NYC Street Style. This may be one of my favourite ones, mainly because of the abundance of Comme de Garçon and a lot of denim. 

I'm back at my old school in Melbourne and am in year 11. I'm hoping to keep on top of Urban Arcade and begin to post some new, interesting content! The classes I am taking are English year 12, Literature, French, Media, Vis Com and Theatre Studies, so I am pretty excited about the next two years and what I'll be able to create aside from at school.

Hope you enjoy this post - sorry if the camera quality is bad, it was at this point in the trip that the camera started to stop focusing... 


Street Style // NYC 06

Here's a brand new NYC Street Style coming to you from LA. My family and I are just about to head to the airport to catch a plane back to Melbourne, so I thought I'd whip up a new post. I am going to be living in Melbourne for 10 days with my Aunt and Uncle before going to Adelaide for Christmas, and then returning to Melbs again permanently for the start of school (year 11 *gulp*). I am actually quite excited for the next two years because I am taking brilliant classes ( English year 12, English Literature, French, Media, Theatre Studies and Visual Communication & Design). I am also really looking forward to just being back in Melbourne, seeing all my friends and family and hopefully achieving a few goals that I have set for myself this year.  

I am in the midst of editing a blog from my last couple days of Chicago, LA and soon to be the return back to Melbourne so head over to my youtube channel and subscribe, as well as clicking the bell button so you don't miss out once it has been posted!  

Hope you enjoy this post as always,



Street Style // NYC 05

Let's all just take a moment to appreciate the woman's outfit above because she looks so freaking cool. Yellow Kurt Cobain sunnies, vintage camera on her shoulder, and a pink ribbon tied around her neck which I can only imagine was either a last minute touch, or a very thought out accessory which one could only argue makes the entire outfit. And please don't ignore the side flicks in her hair. So. Bloody. Cool. 

I'm on summer 'vacation' as the American's say and it's beginning to feel very long. I'm about to do my last week of this French Camp thing where I look after six year olds whilst speaking French, and that's been fun but obviously challenging. On another note, I'm really wanting to use my YouTube channel for more 'vlog'-esque type videos (as well as my usual doco type vids). What do you think?  I think I'll be able to make them pretty cool and interesting. I've also got tons of video ideas up my sleeve, I just need to make them first... if you have any videos you would like me to make, please let me know! I'd love to hear some other ideas.

As always, hope you enjoy this Street Style!

Camille x

These three were having what seemed to be a hilarious conversation on the roof of the Whitney Museum. 


Alexa Chung has started her own fashion line, and it's the best thing I've ever seen

Alexa (yeah we're on a first name basis now..) has recently launched her new fashion label, appropriately named ALEXACHUNG, representing her vision "to create clothes that people want to wear. Combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, as well as the very British sense of humour". Damn it's cool and damn I definitely don't have the money for it but a girl can only dream. The colours, the cuts and the elegant tomboy vibe makes me so excited to spend my days drooling over her online store which showcases my dream wardrobe from stripey jumpers to floral hooded dresses, as well as tailored blazers and funky blouses. Not to mention all the denim. And the tees... and pinafores.. and shoes. ahhhhhhhhh. 

I'll leave you with some gorgeous pics I nicked from British Vogue, my top 5 faves, as well as a video from Vogue Paris. PSA: If anyone feels the urge to buy me the entire line, be my guest. You can find it here.

C xx

This pink jumper doesn't seem to be on sale yet, but boy do I want to get my hands on this.

(If I was to add more to my faves, I would definitely have a blouse, some jeans the striped pant suit and the jumper I mentioned before) 


Street Style // NYC 04

Hello hello! Back again with another Street Style. It's quite a short one, so let me know if you prefer short or longer ones as well as how often you want to see these posted because I have a lot... I've made another Spotify playlist, so you can go have a listen whilst flicking through these pics if you like, just search for camilleallen3 in Spotify. Enjoy! -c


the rainbow skirt X Thieve

I bring to you the sparkliest skirt I have ever laid my eyes upon. I'm feeling the Cassie from Skins vibe and it was only $5 so this skirts defiantly on Santa's good list this year. Paired with a casual tee repping one of my favourite musicians, C.W. Stoneking, as well as black Superga's and a simple watch and earings from Thieve, this outfit can't do you wrong. These photo's where taken by Sylvie and I love love love them!

As I'm typing this it is pouring outside and I'm cuddled up in my favourite jumper, but I need to take the dog for a walk.... I'll do it later... School is almost finished here in America. I'm hoping my first American high school experience will result in an outbreak of "what time is it?? SUMMERR TIMMMMEE!" amidst a stampede of sweaty students throwing their papers everywhere. I'll be having almost 3 months of 'vacation' so let me know if you want to see anything. I'm hoping to make a short film! 

Enjoy the post,

Camille x 


Street Style // NYC 03

We've returned to New York for the spring holidays and it feels like we never left. So many cool shops, great food and an impeccable destination for people watching. I love being able to capture so many different styles and I especially love taking pictures of people when they aren't aware. Call me a creep but I think it makes for the best photos. 

I'm hoping one day I'll be able to move here so I can be fully engulfed in the whole New-Yorker thing. 

Enjoy the pics, 

- Camille