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I asked three influencers what drives them to share their lives with complete strangers.

After a brief dinner party conversation with my next door neighbour over a bowl of homemade pasta about what ‘the blogs’ are, she begged the question why would people want to share so much with the world? I knew my answer, but it did leave me wondering why so many people do do it. It is an odd concept, and even weirder to explain… So, this week I decided to interview some pretty cool kidz (added the ‘z’ because that is obviously what cool kids do) about what drives them to share their lives with complete strangers.


1 / I would say that there is a lot of confusion and misconception about what an ‘influencer’ is or whether it’s a proper job. What is it that makes you an influencer, when did you begin and how and why do you do it?


Maggie: To be quite frank, I don’t really like the term influencer – I think it can insinuate that followers are mindless, sheep-like or easily influenced. But I guess Instagram allows people to showcase their life, educate or entertain their followers. That’s how I would I could describe what I do. I began Instagramming four years ago when I was 15. I grew up with Tumblr and Twitter and was always invested in social media sites. I love Instagram because it allows me to showcase my fashion and my photography and connects me to all these amazing people globally. And to be honest? I just love the whole process of picking an outfit, finding a location, shooting and editing photos. I find it therapeutic.

Denilson: I mean I never realised I was an influencer until later. I never knew anything about being an influencer (but I was always into fashion), until I met a friend of mine Tara Chandra. She was one of the biggest influencer when it comes to fashion I mean she was an iconic. I never used to post photos of me, I was always used to takes photos of places, people and nature stuff. It all started when I uploaded a photo of me with an outfit and I realised it starting to get more likes than my previous photos. I did it because I felt like i would be able to get to meet people/hanging out with the same vibe that I was into.

Tara: I think influencers are essentially any people online that have the ability to sway the actions or decisions of viewers of their content – this could be through their purchasing decisions, lifestyle actions, or way someone dresses. I started my social media nearly 5 years ago, but probably didn't start properly doing influencer work till around 1.5-2 years ago. I do social media as a hobby, but influencer work is something I do on the side which helps me create new outfits and be more creative in a business-minded aspect.

2 / Everyone has their own style when it comes to blogging / instagram / youtube etc and some people portray more of their life online then others. Do you ever find it weird sharing where you are, what you’re thinking or even eating to complete strangers? Or are you more self conscious about other things?

Maggie: (This is a great question btw) I totally know that I overshare online but we’ve grown up with social media playing such a heavy part in our lives that it’s almost second nature to me. I’m pretty desensitised to it all and am happy sharing parts of my day with my followers; I think being open and genuine is really needed in an industry that typically showcases one’s ‘highlight reel.’ As with anything, balance is key. There are things I don’t share either. In terms of safety, I don’t usually post in my Stories where I am at the given moment, rather I’ll post it later when I’m not there… justtttt in case.

Denilson: I personally think it is weird but at the same time I feel like that’s just how it is now a days - everybody has their own perspective.

Tara: I think it has become normalised to me - whether this is a good or bad thing, I'm not sure. I share what I want to share and I don't share what I want to keep personal or private. Social media will never capture the full picture of someone's life - so no, I don't get self conscious about what I post, because I consciously posted it there for it to be seen. I like sharing these aspects of my life because it can see another country that someone may not ever visit. Using social media as an outlet for my thoughts creates discussion - and sharing food is a way of inspiration for other students making food or places to eat 😊

3 / Has instagram become more comparison and copy rather than compliment?

Maggie: Yes and no. Some days I reckon majority of influencers look exactly the same and are shooting the exact same content… But honestly,  I think it can be a really positive and uplifting environment where people do genuinely compliment and boost others.

Denilson: Yes, unless you’re a celebrity then it’s a complement if that makes sense.

Tara: That's a really interesting way of putting it. I think there is a large part of Instagram that is focused on comparison and copy – but for the most part there are a lot of people on there who are doing their own thing and what they want to be doing. However, nowadays - everything is a copy.

4 / Do you ever feel as if you need to watch what you say or how you portray yourself online?

Maggie: Yes, for sure! There are times where I stop myself from posting because something’s quite personal or confronting or I’m worried about how others will view me too. I’ve gotten better about not caring over the years, in high school it was way more difficult.

Denilson: I always do because it represents myself offline, and also because I’m bad with captions.

Tara: Yes, mainly for the sake of the wrong eyes seeing things. But for the most part, I'm not that scandy so I don't have to do this too much.

tara 2.jpg

5 / Would you say the way you present yourself online accurately represents who you are offline?

Maggie: Above all, I always try to accurately portray myself as real as possible. In person and online, I would say that I’m a very happy-go-lucky gal. I try to spread that positivity through my account. That being said, everyone has their shit days – and I’ve had my fair share. Without ranting and raving to my followers, I’ll sometimes share the lower moments too. It’s important that people know that life isn’t as perfect as it appears in these little squares.

Denilson: No, I’m totally opposite when it comes to represents myself on online. I’m more myself when I’m offline than being on online

Tara: Yes I definitely do think my 'online self' represents my 'offline self' to an extent. I am definitely more outspoken and confident online because it's a space I have curated for myself to fit in. In real life, you're constantly placed in situations you can't control which is where I think my reactions and ability to respond to situations are different.

6 / Lastly, what has been the best thing that has come out of social media for you?

Maggie: Oh, so many! The friends I’ve made, the opportunities it’s given me. Without a doubt, it’s helped me to the position I’m in today. Getting into my course, getting internships and jobs… I definitely owe some of the credit to social media.

Denilson: Meeting the coolest people around the world with the same mindset. Getting the opportunity to collab with my favourite brands such converse / all star - it was one the biggest and coolest brands to represent, and a few independent brands from around Australia.

Tara: The opportunities and people. I would never have imagined working with the brands I have, or making best friends for life through social media.

Find Maggie here, Denilson here, and Tara here.


The Inspiration Station


Boom bam I'm back baby. It's been a while but I've missed it and I'm very excited to create some cool content for you all. I am really hoping to create some new films, and be able to interview interesting people, as well as creating more interesting fashion posts that don't consist of me finding cracks in the cement ridiculously interesting or the camera hilarious... 

As it has been SIX FLIPPING MONTHS since I've last posted on here (I feel guilty) I thought I'd give you a little run down on what has been happening. I'm also going to steal pictures off pinterest that take meh fancy because I feel like it lays a nice grounding of what I'm liking at the moment. Also it just makes this post look really pweetty. 

I got a job! I am the social media manager for @aqof

My family bought a house!

I'm in year 11 now so am beginning to think what the hell I am going to do with myself after high school... I have dreams of studying film, art/design or fashion journalism in Paris or NYC and being an actor for beautiful films but that means I've got to have the $$$ and I ain't got no $$$$...

I just want to meet cool and interesting people and create amazing thanggsss

I would love to make my own clothing

So there you have it folks - enjoy the pretty pictures and videos and I will see you soon! 

Possibly one of my favourite music videos - the colours, the costumes, the cinematography and the overall message is just so good!


I know this video is from The Feed (grade 5 anyone?!) but 'Miso' is one of my favourite artists and it is pretty cool to see where she gets her inspiration from. (I wold also love to get a tattoo from her one day...) 

*dreams of being as cool as Coco*


Move over Santa... the ultimate christmas gift list

Move over Santa because Camille's in town sporting my favourite gifts aesthetically presented for your viewing pleasure. Damn I want everything, and damn I know I'm not getting anything but a girl can only dream. I will admit the gifts are on the very expensive side due to me mainly shopping with my eyes and not my sense...

If you follow me on instagram then you would be aware that my family and I are moving back to Melbourne!! I'm so bloody excited to get back and be surrounded again by such an inspiring city. I've got a lot of exciting ideas and plans for both my blog and youtube for the next month and new year so stay tuned! 

summer in the city.jpg

one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven

Get Lost.jpg

one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and are in love with these items as much as I am.

Seeya soon,



hello again

I've sadly been very absent from my blog and instagram, and to be fair, practically everything that makes me happy during the past couple of months. I guess I've kind of put it down to living in Chicago and attending the school I go to here, as both don't inspire or energise me to any extent that Melbourne did. I am also being an incredibly hard judge towards anything I create (which isn't the worst thing..) but does mean that I don't end up sharing it with you guys. For now I'm here so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of everything I enjoy, and work on new projects too.  

I thought in this post I'd share some inspo from pinterest and other creatives so I can (hopefully) inspire myself and even possibly you...

Alexa my love <3

Alexa my love <3

love the backdrop, her hair and her outfit!

love the backdrop, her hair and her outfit!

It's getting rather chilly here which is very exciting for me (you all probably know autumn/winter are my favourites!) so I have been looking out for some lovely coats, jackets and jumpers. I'm going thrifting on Monday (the last day of "summer vacation" as the Americans call it), and am hoping to find some cheap gems. Here are some photographs of wintery goodness that I am loving at the moment (when am I not loving it..?). 

I'm really wanting to start some different creative projects. Along side wanting to experiment more with photography, acting and film, I'd love to play around with a few different art mediums (all pictured below) and styling. 

Artwork by Ashley Mary - medium isn't noted but I'm going to guess gouache ? I could be very very wrong...

Artwork by Ashley Mary - medium isn't noted but I'm going to guess gouache ? I could be very very wrong...

Beautiful sketch by Horst Janssen (1929-1995) // Selbst mit Zigarre, 23. November 1965, Sammlung Hegewisch in der Hamburger Kunsthalle - &nbsp;led pencil

Beautiful sketch by Horst Janssen (1929-1995) // Selbst mit Zigarre, 23. November 1965, Sammlung Hegewisch in der Hamburger Kunsthalle -  led pencil

Artwork by Violet Lopiz - again the medium isn't mentioned so I'm going to take another terrible guess and say water colour or ink or pencil??

Artwork by Violet Lopiz - again the medium isn't mentioned so I'm going to take another terrible guess and say water colour or ink or pencil??

Couldn't find the artist but I think the medium is pastel

Couldn't find the artist but I think the medium is pastel

Like I mentioned above, I'm wanting to play around with styling. Styling clothes, interior and even flatlays could be really interesting. If you don't already follow @belldazzle on instagram, then I'm not really sure what you are doing... she also has a blog which is way cooler then mine *sob*, and she tends to style her friends and models and friends that look like models and models that are friends in some of the coolest ensembles you'll see. + her photography is incredible + she's only in year 12. Here are some of my favourite pics from her. 

Well there it is folks. I love making posts like this just because they're a nice way to display what I am loving and have a bit of a ramble. I'm sorry for being rather absent from everything but I'll hopefully get back into it - I really do love doing all of this. 

Let me know what you'd like to see next!

- Camille 


a guide to new york

(created by a very inexperienced New York explorer...) 

BUT does the experience matter? ...possibly?... nah, I think we're good.  

What I'm trying to say is that I have only visited NY two times, but in those times I've gone to some pretty cool places that I think you would enjoy, which is why I'm dishing up and out the secrets of the streets. 

First up, what are you gonna do without some fuel in your stomaches?? 


I love to eat at places that serve food that is just as good as its instagramable interior. Yeah, yeah, what a '21st century kid' thing to say. But what's even more important is the vibe. There needs to be a funky vibe there or you may as well be sitting in your school principles office eating a handful of stale jellybeans. This little list below showcases some of my favourite places to satisfy your hunger. Some are on the pricey side if you are paying for an entire family, but could be 'reasonable' (clenching my teeth as I type this) if you where paying for just yourself. 

the egg shop :

The Egg Shop, as you could probably guess by the name, specialises in all things egg related. You want it runny, they'll give you runny. You want it scrambled, they'll scramble the hell out of it. You want it raw, they'll probably decline due to health and safety standards. 

Not only is the food good, but the aesthetics are beautiful. Minty green with a hint of "thanks, it was my great aunts".


jack's wife freda :

I. Love. Jack's. Wife. Freda. The food is amazing and it is just so so cool inside. You can eat breakfast at dinner and lunch for a late night snack for all they care because their menu is open at all hours. I've had brunch there the first time we visited and it was deeeeelicious. Our last visit we stopped for lunch and I ordered the fried eggplant baguette with fries (i'm still struggling with the fries/chips language barrier) as well as a mint lemonade, and then we all shared a flowerless chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and a caramel smear thing. Oh. My. God. It was possibly the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted in my life. You would hope so too because it was voted one of the best chocolate cakes in New York. 

go-grill :

We had lunch here randomly after being tourists and visiting the statue of liberty (wouldn't recommend the boat tours; very tedious, windy and you don't even get that close to the statue). I'm not 100% sure on the address of this food truck (who even knows if it will be there next time) but if you go visit the Charging Bull and Fearless girl, the truck is on the opposite side of the park. We sat in the park and ate some delicious Mediterranean dishes for only $30 (mind you, we got three big sandwiches, a salad, falafels and chips). It was real good. 

uncle boons :

Very, very pricey and the dishes are a little on the small side BUT SUCH GOOD THAI HOLY COW! It was super fresh and really flavourful. It's also in the same area as the egg shop, which is my favourite area in NY because of the shops and the people. (forgot to take any pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face...)



I absolutely despise doing touristy things but if it is your first time in NYC I would recommend seeing the sights. The places I'm about to recommend to you are more where you will see locals instead of the very lost German archaeologists getting a selfie in front of some flashy lights. 

galleries :

~ The Whitney Museum : Very small, but some extremely cool contemporary pieces. Go to the roof! The view looks over the Meatpacking District, which is a whole lot of industrial houses. 

~ MoMA : MoMA was my favourite because it had some incredible artists on show. It also had this really cool photography exhibition where it talked about all the photographers that have taken pictures of 'the supernatural'. 

~ The Met : Or Metropolitan Museum of Art if you want to get all fancy. This place was huge and would take you days to see everything. Some really incredible pieces there, too. We had a picnic in Central Park for lunch just next to the Met.


neighbourhoods : 

(in no particular order) 

Greenwich Village (This is where The Whitney Museum is, as well as the Highline), Nolita, SoHo, Bowery, Little China Town


I've saved the best for last. My favourite past time is vintage/thrift shopping (as you are all very much aware of) so here are some of the best places I visited whilst there.


~ AuH20 : Super cool, super small vintage clothing shop. Their prices are decent, too. I picked up these leather loafer-sandalesque shoes for $20, which is on the pricey side but I think worth it. 

~ 7th and 9th street : So many fabulous shops on these streets that I just love. The streets are beautiful and I just love walking through them. I took the majority of my Street Style pictures there as well. 

~ Opening Ceremony : Can't afford anything here but Alexa Chung mentioned it in a video so I had to go, duh. It was super cool and I felt very much like a professional fashion blogger walking in and pretending to be interested in a $350 t-shirt. 

~ Clare V : This store had 'Camille' written all over it. It mainly sells bags but the t-shirts are what really grabbed me. Again, not the most affordable which is why I didn't walk away with the entire shop. 

Hopefully this post was interesting and might help you if you ever find yourself in NYC. If you live in or have visited New York I would love to here where you go for when I return!

Hope you all had a great easter!


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Hey girrrrrl! It's International Women's Day!

Whoooooohooooo! Happy International Women's Day to all the lovely ladies out there. Today is definitely a day to celebrate, to think about all the immensely inspiring women that have achieved incredible things, as well as thinking about our own future, and what you can do to change it. One thing that our society needs to understand is that everyone deserves equal rights. No matter your gender, race, sexuality or religion, you deserve equality.  We need to be the generation that makes equality happen, so the generations after us are capable of achieving anything, without being swept under the carpet. 

This post is kind of a mishmash of cool gals' that inspire me, and hopefully inspire you too! I've also attached my essay I wrote for school about Amandla Stenberg for Black History Month, incase you want to read it. Also on the agenda is a pretty cool #girlboss , Marta Oktaba from Almost Iris. She's answered a few questions on starting your own business as well as her tips on being a teenager. 

posters via For All Women Kind

Amandla Stenberg Essay

In this era, it is incredibly easy to have a voice. Social media platforms allow us to be updated on the lives of celebrities, bloggers and independent people making a living off a daily selfie; and we are capable of emitting whatever woes we have by uploading videos, comments and status updates. But the problems that we as humans face can’t just be justified by a ‘lol’ and an ‘fml’. These problems are much larger, although being hidden by a new instagram picture and our star struck minds. Although it may feel as if these new generations are drowning in narcissism and filters, there are some incredibly strong voices that use these platforms for the better.

I first saw Amandla Stenberg in The Hunger Games movie. Her portrayal of her character, Rue, was captivating, beautiful and strong.  I, at the time, didn’t own any social media so was not able to do the ‘mandatory’ stalk and follow, so instead dedicated time to watching videos of her on YouTube. These videos were mostly short films, comedy clips and interviews but I soon became aware of her activism. Very soon after The Hunger Games was released, there was a large spike in racist tweets directed towards Amandla. Thirteen at the time, Amandla handled the situation with an incredibly poised response, telling US Weekly, “As a fan of the books, I feel fortunate to be part of ‘The Hunger Games’ family. It was an amazing experience. I am proud of the film and my performance. I want to thank all of my fans and the entire ‘Hunger Games’ community for their support and loyalty.” (

Soon after, Amandla posted a video on YouTube called ‘Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows’, addressing the subject of cultural appropriation. She ends the video with the question “...what would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love black culture?”

 (Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows). This film got over 2 million views on YouTube, pushing Amandla further into speaking out about the problems within our society.

In 2015, Amandla and Rowan Blanchard where awarded by the Ms. Foundation for Women the Feminist Celebrity of the Year Award (Cosmopolitan). Tieing first place for their impeccable work on communicating to the public about their embrace of feminism and the fight for equal rights in all aspects, the girls grew in popularity, especially in the online world. In 2016, Amandla was awarded the Young, Black and Gifted award in the ceremony run my Black Girls Rock Inc. (Amandla Stenberg Website). Only four days later, Amandla spoke at Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, delivering her speech “My Authenticity is My Activism.”  (Amandla Stenberg Website).  Amandla’s use of power is used to influence and educate our society, motivating teenage girls to see and utilize their true potential. Her wide range of  mediums gets her message across allowing absolutely anybody to embody her courage and influence others. She released her comic ‘Niobe she is life’ in collaboration with Stranger Comics in late 2015, as well as pushing for the ‘Art Hoe’ movement, which “describes self-reflexive work made mostly (but not exclusively) by people of colour to address issues of race and representation in art.” (Oyster Magazine).

 Being caucasian, I will definitely never fully understand the full extent of racism, cultural  appropriation and how it affects me in my day to day life, but, thanks to Amandla, my knowledge of these issues have grown immensely and I am able to stand up and communicate with friends, family and society.

Amandla Stenberg for NYLON

Amandla Stenberg for NYLON


#girlboss Marta Oktaba aka almost iris

I thought it would be cool to interview a woman who owns her own business, as well as letting us into the secrets of teenager-hood. Marta has just started selling jewellery on her online store Almost Iris. Her jewellery symbolises mental health and the emotional ups and downs of life. Marta was inspired by her struggle with anxiety when creating these earrings, which I know a lot of you reading this will relate to, too. I think it's pretty important and totally rad that there is jewellery being made focusing on mental illnesses (and they look really cool too). 

As I’m getting older and delving deeper into my ‘teenage girlhood’, I’d love to hear what your teen years were like? How did they shape you as a person and any tips about being a teen?   I grew up in a suburban area where a lot of European families immigrated in the 90s; as did my family. I was quite reserved. I was an odd mix of confident and shy. I always had a part-time job and that freedom made me feel a little more grown up. I often pushed the limits of how late I could stay out but only because I wanted to spend time with my friends and the night made me feel calm. 

My teenage years were set in the beginnings of the internet. I didn’t have the pressures of social media. I think I got my first mobile phone as a hand me down when I was 15 and the internet didn’t exist on those phones. It was all about free minutes on phone calls to friends after 8 pm. I feel like my teenage years didn’t impact me as much as my early 20s did, but they were very vital in developing the strength that I have found within myself. I would tell any teenager today not to fear their true self. I know it’s cliché but it’s very real. Also, learn to write without thinking. It’s in those moments that you will discover things about yourself that may otherwise never seep out.    

Who are some of your favourite influential women? I feel like I’m going to do a very bad job at answering this question because I don’t necessarily have some iconic woman that I look up to. I’m influenced by little bits that I see in everyday women. 

But if I was to give you a name that you can Google; I would say Grace Neutral. She is delicate yet powerful. I resonate with her views on women and beauty and the challenges we face. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing her views you should watch the documentary Beyond Beauty. 

What’s it like working for yourself? What would you say to a young entrepreneur wanting to develop their business?  Working for myself is a mixture of the most amazing thing I have ever done and the most terrifying. There is a beauty in following your heart no matter how hard the path may be. The hardest part is beginning. We all have ideas but it’s what we make of them that can start something wonderful. 

A huge terror of mine was not having a steady income because without it I felt like a failure. Sadly, we live in a world where our achievements are measured by money. Remember it takes time and a lot of patience to develop. There may be times when you may have to make a lot of sacrifices. I would tell a young entrepreneur not to be discouraged if what they are trying to develop is not defined as a job. If you have heart in what you are doing your work is important.    

Your main concern/s that the women of today face is/are…   This is terribly hard to pinpoint. We are all experiencing a wide range of battles. If I was to speak for myself as a woman, it’s the want to feel okay with myself on a day where my mental health may not be at its best. It’s never having to feel dominated by the power of a male who is trying to intimidate me with his strength. It’s walking alone at night and feeling safe. I want to know that my femininity is not defined or challenged by the way I choose to dress or groom myself. I want beauty to be the blemishes on my face and the stubble on my legs, without the need to apologise for it.      

How would you change the world?   If I could in any way inspire people to live from a place of love; I think the power of that could bring us all together to make a positive change.


I hope this post inspired you somehow! Always remember that you are strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent and going to do some good to this world. Happy International Women's day you awesome person, you. 

Seeya next week,


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christmas wishlist 2016

Ahhhh, Christmas. It's fast approaching and I am very excited for it. This will be our first Christmas in Chicago and I'm hoping for a white one. But that's not the only thing I'm wishing for.. (wow what a great entry way for what I'm actually talking about, good job Camille, pat on the back.) 

Yes, as you have probably already guessed, this post is my christmas wishlist. The things I'm loving all displayed on a collage that took me a couple of hours to make because photoshop is really confusing...

Hopefully you find this somewhat interesting and maybe even find something you like too. I mean, presents are what christmas is all about, right? (i'm kidding. chill) 



+  Calvin Klein - one                                                                                                                              

+  J. Crew Mockneck jumper (sweater to all the americans out there)                                                      

+  Women in This Town - Giuseppe Santamaria

+  Le Sac en Papier

+  How to be a Parisian, Wherever you are  

+  Zara - Striped long sleeve top                                                                                                          

+  Potplantspotplantspotplantspotplants..... my room really needs it....                                                  

+  Zara - Velvet Band Hat


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some really cool videos to watch

And a few photos via pinterest

I thought today I would share with you some videos and photos that are really inspiring me at the moment to make me excited and motivated.

I have been spending a lot of time on my computer recently, thanks to the fact that it is the summer holidays here in America and I'm a little low on friends. But youtube and Pinterest suffice, right?.... right???? 

To be completely honest, moving countries is really, really difficult. No, actually, in reality, it's crap. Not just for the obvious reasons like leaving family/friends and your 'home', but for just simple things like not having the same brand of peanut butter, not being able to re-design your room because all your stuff is in a shipping container. The nerves of starting a new school, (which I like doing because I love to meet new people), but just the idea of having to, once again, create new relationships with kids, teachers and even a different education system. 

I wasn't really planning to write all that but it kinda just spewed out. I have lived in a different country before, and I made amazing memories from doing that, so I know in the back of my mind I will love it. I know that it will definitely open up really good opportunities that i'm super excited about, and it's going to be so cool to go to an American high school! But if you're an expat, or have been, you'll definitely understand where I'm coming from. 

Due to the fact that I don't really have any of my personal belongings that make me inspired, I have been feeling so un creative. I'm that kind of person who needs to be doing something (preferably creative) or I'm just a very moody teenager. And not being inspired to do something creative is making it hard for me to come up with good quality blog content and making my Instagram look a certain way. (So if you have been noticing the lack of "good" suff on my social media.. sorry 'bout that.) 

Anyway, sorry for that cheesy, weird ramble, and back to the post that I actually had planned to do.


French Style Secrets : Inside the Wardrobe of Camille Rowe | British Vogue

I stumbled across this video when I was binge watching British Vogue's youtube, because their videos are by far the best Vogue Vids (sorry Australia). Camille's wardrobe is my dream wardrobe. Her denim and graphic tees, mixed with her beautiful, vintage shirts and funky jackets is very Alexa Chung with just a hint more something... and I love it! 

Free Advice from Man Repeller

Leandra Medine from Man Repeller is my all time idol. I love every thing she does, wears and writes. (I sound like a weird stalker, and to be honest, I probably am) This is a video of her giving free advice to people in NYC. 

Emma Watson: Fashion on Gender Equality #HeForShe | All Access Vogue | British Vogue

I think this video is very important to listen to and take in what everybody is saying. I don't particularly like how the video was 'represented', I guess is the right word, though. The way the people in the video posed, whilst having their voices played over the clip of them looking majestically off into the distance, made me a little uncomfortable. And I was quite disappointed by the fact that they where not representing anyone of colour, even though they where talking about diversity and equality in the fashion industry. But the message is good... so maybe watch with your eyes closed? haha.