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Melbournians // Stella -Kingsville




I'm back again with another Melbournians. These are so so popular on the blog and I really enjoy making them so THANK YOU!!

Today, I introduce you to Stella. She also has a blog so go check that out. Stella and I have tones in common but we go to different schools so we rarely see each other. When we do though we definitely make up for it with all the talking and creating of stuff. The other week we went out and made this video and shot a fashion post. *virtual high five for Stella* .

Thank you Stella! Love ya!

And love you all too *virtual high fives all round* 

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Melbournians : Sacha // Fitzroy North



I'm really excited to share this Melbournians with you! It's my favourite one so far, featuring my lovely friend Sacha. We went out to shoot it yesterday on Brunswick St, one of the coolest streets in Melbourne, had a picnic in the park, and just walked, talked and filmed. It just turned out so well! Yesss!! I'm so happy about it!!

Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it.

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Melbournians : Mia // Yarraville



WOW! I was so happy by how much you all liked the first Melbournians video (you can find that here) So I made another featuring one of my best friends, Mia. She always makes me laugh so I tried to put her humour into this video.

Hope you laugh and love it!

(and yes yes, I know. two posts in in one night. it's not the end of the world, people.)

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Melbournians : Honey // Northcote



I'm really, really excited about this new series on my blog! (hey, by the way)

It's called "Melbournians" and with it, I'm filming mini documentary kinda things featuring my friends. I go around their suburb and show what they like to get up to and who they are. I'm hoping the film reflects them in some way, as well.

First up is the super cool Honey, who was brave enough to be the first Melbournian on UA. THANK you Honey xox