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settling in


Gawd it feels like forever since I last did something on here. So far Chicago seems alright. It's definitely not Melbourne (yet) and I'm missing family, friends, food and the shopping. We have found a few cool places, but I guess we are still exploring and trying to hunt down the places to go.                                                                                                                                                          I've enrolled in my new high school...


And I'm pretty excited. I'm expecting Perks of Being a Walflower + Mean Girls + any other cliché high school movies you can think of.    

I've been flooded with tonnes of ideas lately but I've also been really critical towards everything I am doing (not the best combination). I go through phases where I'm like "yeah! Urban Arcade looks great!!" and then other times I'm just like "nope. nope. nope. this does not look good, and it feels boring." So that's why this post is a little different from the usual fashion post. I like it a lot so I'll definitely be doing more like this in the future. 

 I have been wanting to do a post with this dress for a while but also kept putting it off. It was my great aunts when she was younger, and I just think it's one heck of a dress. I'm not usually a dress person. I feel weird, frumpy and just a little too girly for my liking. BUT THIS DRESS. This dress can do no wrong. 

I'm gonna leave it here to go watch The Bachelor (yes yes, I know what you're thinking. I'd be judging me too. But there is something really comforting hearing all those screechy aussie accents whilst stuffing my face with chocolate... mmmmm) 

Photo creds to Mum

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prêt-à-porter // New Blog

Camille wears // Top - Zara / Jeans - Just Jeans / Hat - A vintage market / Shoes - Seed / Tote Bag - NGV //  

How have you all been? I've been pretty good. Quite a lot of exciting and scary things have been happening in my life lately, which I'll let you know about another time. HOW COOL IS THE NEW BLOG ??!!?!?!?!! I moved over to Squarespace and am glad I did. Still trying to work it out and get my own custom domain, but I love the design. 

We are in Adelaide, saying hey to family at the moment. My mum, nan and I took a while to think of the name for this post. After a while we thought of a pun: prêt-à-porter, which is French for 'ready to wear'. And we took these photos on Porter Street. Ha Ha, get it? prêt-à-porter, porter Street. Yeah okay, I'll stop now. This fashion post was shot by my sister, Sylvie. She's gonna be a really good photographer, I'm so happy with the photos. It took a while, because our camera is being weird. Do any of you have suggestions for a good camera? (Preferably one that takes good videos too)...

The shoes are the comfiest things. I wear them to school but have grazed them so many times because I am the klutziest person I know. It's like I forget I have feet. And shoulders. And a body. Camille, you are not going to be able to walk through that wall. It's not humanly possible. Stop walking. Camille?? Huuhhhhh. But hey! Look at this top! Nice stripes and a good cut. Thanks Zara. (well thanks mum cause it's yours...) The felty grey hat goes with everything, and so good for sunny winter days. 

sorry for the long blab. I'll write soon.


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A fashion post?! WHAT?! I thought you where still hibernating in your cosy, yet super stylish cave. Guess not...

Ah well. I realised you guys actually do like fashion posts after having quite a few people asking when I would be doing another one. The answer, my online stalker friends, is about now-ish.

This fashion post is pretty casual (it is literally what I wear to school.) I wore it today and I think people like this top from Free By Cotton On more then they like me. (Ha! I kid. They so don't... Guys??) But this top is seriously cool. The sequins are reversible, so if I'm feeling gold, I go gold. If I'm feeling white, I go white. And if I can't make up my mind I can go half-half, so every one is happy.                                                                                                    I bought these shorts yesterday from Country Road along with another pair. The other pair is a little more tailored with stripes running down them. I'll probably do another post with them on in the future. I've been looking for shorts like these for ever and finally found them. Ahh the relief that I won't get hot in summer!!! Oh, sorry. What was that? Oh we've already had summer... Yikes.

You can dress both of these items up or down. The shorts with a nice shirt and the tee with high waisted jeans. Both paired nicely with Hobes (one day I will own a pair).

I guess I'll stop blabbing and just let you scroll through some pictures. Cool? Faaabulous.

OH! And photo cred to Sylvie.


Camille wears // Tee Shirt - Country Road // Shorts - Free By Cotton On // Necklace - Unknown //


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Little China Girl





Camille wears // Top-Thrifted // Duffle Coat-Gift // Jeans-Dejour // Shoes-Wittner // Neclace-Vietnam // Earings-Gift //


Prepare yourselves. Fasten them seat belts because this post is a big'n. Today, my mum and I went into the city because I was given two tickets to the Golden Age of China, Qianlong Emperor exhibition (thank you Brittany!). It was mind-blowing seeing work that had been made thousands of years ago. The Emperors robes where defiantly my favorites because they where so colorful and beautifully made. This exhibition is open until the 21st so HURRY, you will love it!!  After, we walked into the Exqusite Threads Exhibition which I will talk about later. We then hopped onto a tram which took us down to China Town. I can't remember the last time I visited China Town. It reminded me a lot of Vietnam *sob*. The crazed hustle and bustle was fun until we decided to take some photos of my outfit. We where either waiting for groups of people to pass or I was being stared at (excuse my awkward face) but it all turned out well and being that 'clever' person I am I even decided to make a video. Get ready for some hard core Dim Sim eating. [embed][/embed] In other news, the NGV is hosting a Teen Holiday Program. It is based around the Exquisite Threads Exhibition which is on at the moment until the 12th of July. The program runs from the 1-3 of July and I'll be there for all three. I would love to meet you!   I leave you with the flyer for some further details. Bookings are essential so head over here if you are looking for some fun over the holidays.

Hope to see you there,


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Winter Blues




Camille wears// dress-witchery // tights-bonds // boots-MayaMcQueen // necklace-unknown // bracelet-unknown//

Brrrrr, I'm feeling them winter chills! (especially when your house is colder than what it is outside) But not to fret! This super warm, super cool dress from Witchery will keep you looking pretty snazzy all winter long.                                                            I have been looking for a dress like this for a while now and so glad I found it. Pair it up with some black boots and gold accessories and you're good to go!

Hope you all have a great looooong weekend. Keep warm my friends!


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vinetti retro // ginger & rosa inspiration

When someone mentions 'winter', a few things come to mind.                                                                                                       Warmth, knits, good movies, rain, hot chocolate and another reason to do a fashion post! I love watching movies. Everything about them interests me. When you mix a good story line, amazing actors and a wardrobe full of super cool clothes, you know I'm in. A couple of months ago I watched Ginger and Rosa. I was so inspired by the clothes they wore and couldn't wait until winter to be able try it out my self.

Camille wears //

Turtle Neck// Thrifted  Skirt// Vinetti (this was my mums when she was my age!) Tights// Bonds  Necklace// Prospector Store   Shoes// Wittner  Rings (not shown)// Lovisa  Bracelet// Pandora

Thank you Stella for being a such a good photographer!

That's all folks, Camille

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Street Grunge


Today my friend Stella and i had a lovely afternoon together. We took photos, laughed and ate my first Fro-Yo EVER!

Here is a photo shoot in my new favorite top from my favorite opp shop (hehe, kind of made a rhyme) Thank you Stella for being such a great photographer!!!!

camille wears //

hat // French Connection   jeans// Just Jeans  boots// Wittner   top// Savers

xo camille